Virtual Offices in Wyoming

Wyoming’s Easiest Virtual Office $30 per month

Wyoming is popular for virtual offices because of how many LLCs and Corporations are formed here for their tax and privacy benefits. Most of our clients choose a Virtual Wyoming Office for one of these reasons:

1) A central address to receive mail and phone calls
2) An interest in maintaining anonymity through incorporating with us, using our Registered Agent Service and letting our office be your public face. No one will know what you own or are doing.
3) Forming a physical nexus for their companies to justify being taxed under Wyoming’s jurisdiction at 0%

Most clients fall into one, or all three, of the above reasons. Other providers know the importance of a virtual office and try to overcharge. Most of the time they succeed, but you don’t have to fall victim. Most other providers give a mediocre service at a high price because they know once you are settled you’ll be hard pressed to change. Even if you don’t choose us, at least be informed by looking at this list of things to be weary of:

1) Many virtual offices and registered office services provide PO Boxes. Needless to say this doesn’t look professional for you when you hand out. Jackson Hole is one example of such a place.

2) Ask how frequently mail is sent to you. We scan daily and physically forward mail weekly, even for our international mail forwarding clients.
3) Make sure your phone number can be transferred. The last thing you want was the “privilege “of paying for a number that isn’t really yours.
4) Many of the larger providers just resell local services like ours. Trust us, we know.

If you ever have any questions we are here and happy to answer them. We don’t want there to be any gotcha moments or a feeling of being duped. We make it simple so you can not have to worry about us or what we do.

We have two packages:

Our Economy Wyoming Virtual Office package for $30 includes:

1) Unique Suite Number – Never Before Used
2) A Lease (helps with Nexus and bank accounts)
3) Mail Forwarding
1) Daily Scans or Forwarding
2) Weekly Scans or Forwarding
3) International Mail Forwarding
4) Phone Forwarding

The total for this is $30 a month. You’re free to look around, but this is the most economical choice you will find. We even include free registered agent service if you opt for one of our instant Wyoming virtual offices. Place an order now, contact us first or feel free to read more.

What are Virtual Offices?

Companies contract virtual offices to save money by not needing to sign a lease which provides more than they need AND locks them into a multi year commitment. Allow us to assume the overhead and long-term commitments. You can focus on your business and have the flexibility of a month-to-month office solution. Besides, who wants to handle hiring/firing, paperwork filing and phone answering? Well, we do, but chances are you don’t.

Considering us an extension of your corporation. We act on your behalf, fulfill duties at your request, and you don’t have any traditional office hassles or expenses. Goodbye payroll and HR forms! Check your online and get on with your life.

We also serve many clients wishing to remain anonymous. This is your right and one very strongly protected in the great state of Wyoming. Only we will know who owns your business and where your mail goes.

What if I don’t need a full Wyoming virtual office, just mail or phone?

We also provide an a-la-carte menu. Just pick and choose the services which are a good fit for you and we will have you started in under 24hrs.

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